38 Nice Green Bedroom Design Ideas, Good looking Bed

Green Bedroom Design Ideas 28

Green Bedroom Design Ideas 28

Last year, blue reigned supreme—from the darkest reminder almost-black navy to the flocks of super-saturated peacock blues that began trending in kitchen cabinets and slowly worked their high to bedrooms (and eventually ruling the whole roost). But in 2019, there’s a replacement color craze that we can’t seem to urge enough of—green bedrooms. From deep emerald shades that maximize yesteryear’s favored jewel tones, to muted sages and mints, to Crayola-box colors that pack a serious style punch, we’re amazed by the sheer range of designs that are complemented by this earthy hue.

By turns boho and laid-back, or elegant and rarified, these verdant bedrooms all seem somehow soothing—just the type of place we’d want to get our heads after an extended day. And did we mention the potential mood-boosting benefits of this nature-inspired shade? only one more reason to go to the paint aisle this weekend.

Here are our favorite green bedroom design ideas.

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