28 Awesome IKEA Floating Shelves for Wall

Ikea Floating Shelves for Wall 9

IKEA Floating Shelves for Wall 26

The no-Beyonce consolation prize is that we finally got the IKEA floating shelves up within the kitchen and bedroom, and it suddenly seems like we’re turning a corner. We still have a couple of major things on the list (like painting those cabinets) but the shelves make such a big difference as against the dark cabinetry that wont to hang on either side of that window. Here’s how it looked a couple of weeks ago after we removed the wallpaper.

And here it’s from an equivalent POV now, after removing the cupboards, re-hanging the crown molding, patching/priming/painting the walls, trim, and ceilings, upgrading the lighting, and hanging those new shelves of ours. These pictures don’t even roll in the hay justice – it’s literally a minimum of twice as bright and feels tons bigger and more open also.

When it involves how we hung them (they’re lack shelves from Ikea), we decided to line rock bottom shelf up with the cupboard on the left of the shot above (18″ above the counter) in order that all of them associated with each other. The pre-made sizes allowed for a few inches of breathing space around the window too, which we liked anyways. We just spaced the peak of the second shelf by eye and chose 14″ above the opposite shelf, which gave us enough room to load rock bottom shelf without things feeling cramped, but also allows a shorty like me to simply reach items thereon top shelf.

As for actually hanging them, we delayed rock bottom shelf in situ and made sure it had been level…

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