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Building a deck was one among those things we had on our (long) list of projects at the comfortable Ranch but it wasn’t something we anticipated doing directly. Our first summer within the house we spent renovating the kitchen and therefore the bathroom, painting and replacing all the trim within the interior, and whitewashing the floors. When the spring rolled around, we wanted to tackle replacing the rear door with a slider and when Craig started thereon he realized he might also redo the siding on the rear of the house. The shingles were shot and needed to get replaced, but shingles are really expensive (something we weren’t aware of) so we decided to try to board and batten siding with movie pine. it’ll weather to a pleasant silvery grey and is durable enough to face up to a replacement England climate. One project led to a different (as they always do) and after Craig finished doing the siding we decided to start on the deck.

Initially, we planned to use pressure-treated wood to save lots of money, but we decided to spend a touch more and invest in mahogany because it will last longer, looks better, and won’t splinter the way pressure treated does (you can walk thereon barefoot worry-free). Since Craig built it, our only cost was materials and therefore the value we were adding far outweighed the initial expense. Craig drew up an idea for the pergola and began thereon after finishing the deck. He used red cedar for the posts and white cedar for the strips. you’ll see more of the whole process within the highlights on the comfortable Ranch Instagram. As you’ll see from the before pictures below it had been quite a transformation. Craig finished the deck and pergola in July but we only recently got our outdoor board and chairs from Article so I wanted to attend to share the space until we had it ready up.

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