45 Fresh Awesome Stacked Stone Fireplace & Dining Room Design Ideas

Stacked Stone Dining Room 7

Stacked Stone Dining Room 19

Have you ever wished for a cabin within the mountains, a retreat far away from and above the strain and pressures of day-to-day life?

A porch to relax and reflect on during long, leisurely afternoons and an imposing fireplace to warm your hands by in the dark.

Every man deserves such a necessity–for truly it is–but sadly, such a thing isn’t always possible.

However, the hallmark mountain fireplace is quite accessible, and therefore the traditional stacked stone design is most certainly bound to transport you in its title.

Famed for his or her earthy beauty and unpretentious air of comfort, stacked stones have long been celebrated within the country interior. Rich in tone and texture, stacked stone tile lends an old-world charm to even the foremost modern dwelling. These stacked stone fireplace ideas are certainly no but work of arts, generally requiring the talents of an experienced stonemason who can assemble the pieces of the puzzle with great care, leading to an entire transformation of the room–if not your entire home.

It’s no secret that the thrill of owning a hearth is too many to count, but when such a hearth is as stunning to seem upon because it is inviting to seat one’s self by, well then you’ve achieved perfection.

Even the warmest season has its justifiable share of chilly nights, and you’ll just end up gathering kindling even on a Midsummer Eve. Why not pride oneself in your fireplace façade by honoring one among the oldest artisanal styles seen within the cabin and residential alike?

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